Global Corporate Tax? Question! Question!

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There’s a lot of talk just now about a “global corporate tax,” 15% minimum, on multinational corporations–some 130 national governments say they really want it.

Question! Who does this tax get paid to?

Question! What are they authorized to do with all that money? Or what are they likely to do with it (besides just steal it)?

Question! Who (if anyone!) will be accountable to the public for how the money is spent?

Governments have an insatiable appetite for scarfing down other people’s money. They’ve been allowed to get away with it for far too long.

Do we really, truly, trust a cabal of globalist mountebanks with any power to tax? Oh, not that anybody’s asking us for our permission! They never do, do they? The dukes and countesses never have to ask the serfs’ permission. Do we ever get to know what they’ll do with the money?

Honk if you think this is a good thing.

Corruption Probe Forces Australian Premier to Resign

New South Wales premier Gladys Berejiklian attends the Remembrance Day Service at Martin Place in Sydney, Australia November 11, 2020. Saeed Khan/Pool via REUTERS

Has her hand been in the cookie jar?

Australia is having a very bad time of it, lately. And it’s not just the country’s COVID panic, either.

The premier of the state of New South Wales, Gladys Berajiklian, has announced her resignation in response to a corruption probe that seems to be zeroing in on her and other government officials ( This is the premier of the state who ordered its people to stop talking to one another.

This probe has been going on for years. Another New South Wales premier was forced to resign in 2014, charged with receiving as a “gift” a $3,000 bottle of wine. Other officials have been charged with receiving cash gifts in return for helping Chinese nationals to acquire fraudulent visas.

It’s complicated.

Don’t you love it when the people who presume to order you around and lock you down are themselves guilty of all sorts of mischief–for which they are lavishly rewarded?

Berajiklian, who has been premier of NSW since 2017, insists she’s as clean as Ivory Soap. Maybe someday we’ll know, one way or another.

Meanwhile, we have this “Great Reset” by crooks and scalawags who want to rule us–all for our own good, of course.

Feh! Well, here in America we have our own Big Guy to rob us blind.

‘Art’ by Hunter Biden (It’s Expensive!)

Hunter Biden, Untitled (2020). Courtesy of the artist and Georges Bergès Gallery.

Eat your heart out, Rembrandt!

Hunter Biden, controversial son of The Big Guy, has become an artist and recently sold one of his paintings for $500,000. He’s got a dealer and everything! But the name of the sucker–er, buyer–has not been revealed. Don’t hold your breath waiting for it.

Hunter’s art is abstract. That means he can’t draw.

Now, why would anyone in his right mind pay half a million bucks for a bird cage liner perpetrated by this… person?

Well, if you’re nice to Hunter, The Big Guy just might do you a favor. A real big favor. A favor worth, say, half a million dollars.

Do you believe any single one of these corrupt characters will ever spend a day in jail?

‘Help Wanted: International Monetary Fund Honcho’ (2015)

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“And I am supposed to know where it went? Sacre bleu!”

Who’s running the International Monetary Fund these days? In 2015 it was one Christine LaGarde; and she was in hot water for allowing over half a billion euros to disappear while she did–well, who knows?

Help Wanted: International Monetary Fund Honcho

I don’t know where it’s written down that it’s always got to be the sleaziest and most corrupt villains who run the government. We have an international creepocracy. Hey, look at us! We’re told we just elected Hunter Biden’s old man, “the Big Guy,” who got 50% of every crooked dollar Hunter collected from the Chicoms, president of the United States! We are now as dirty as the European Union!