Not As Tough As He Thinks He Is

Who says there ain’t no justice? Watch Mr. Bad-ass Jaywalker get a dose of it as he stares down an approaching motorist. Like, he could’ve waved “Thank you for letting me cross” and hustled to the sidewalk–but no, he had to be a tough guy.

Mr. Utility Pole was not impressed.


11 comments on “Not As Tough As He Thinks He Is

    1. Are you alluding to the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth/Empire that once ruled Europe from the Black Sea to the Baltic… and yet no one’s ever heard of it?

    2. It’s just so odd that this major imperial enterprise is almost never mentioned anywhere. I think it might be in “Taras Bulba.”

  1. “Taras Bulba,” is a good 1962 action movie staring Tony Curtis, and Yul Brynner as Taras Bulba, leader of the Cossacks. It must have been good, for I remember watching it on TV way back in the sixties.

    1. You’ll remember that “the Poles” were the bad guys in the movie, oppressing the Cossacks. Must’ve been that seldom-thought-of Polish Empire (well, half-Polish, half-Lithuanian).

    2. I have a sense that we haven’t yet heard the end of those Lithuanians and Poles. Will they turn up in Scurveyshire next? 😳

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