‘Another Warning from History’ (2018)

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It’s too bad so few of us read history (or anything else) anymore. We might learn from the experience of others.

Another Warning from History

Our country’s founders read Thucydides. From his experience they knew that hysteria and naked lust for power made an exceedingly poor basis for public policy. Thucydides warned them, and they took it to heart.

Does anyone appreciate what almost happened to us in those Brett Kavanagh Supreme Court confirmation hearings? We almost tossed our entire legal doctrine out the window! Presumption of innocence, the requirement for evidence, and simple decency–Democrats were willing to chuck it all, as long as they could get their way.

Now these people are actually in power over us. They don’t like our country, they don’t like us, they don’t like our history, they don’t like our way of life, and if they were honestly elected by the American people, I’m the Sultan of Swat.

Yes, we could wreck our country. All it takes is hysteria and power-lust.


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    1. I have often wondered why anyone, even a Democrat, would be so manically enthusiastic for abortion. But then they’re manically enthusiastic about most bad things.

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