My Writing Day (Huff-Puff-Pant!)

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Okay! I’ve written half a dozen blog posts, finished another chapter of The Witch Box, and now have to write this week’s Newswithviews piece. And it’s already 1:30.

I can’t avoid writing about the arrogance of America’s school boards, their contempt for the people who elected them and who pay for these wretched public schools, and for their continuing efforts to poison children’s minds with “Critical Race Theory” and transgenderism–just to name two money-wasting abominations. These matters must be addressed, and the abuse of America’s children stopped cold.

I remember when our local school boards actually represented the communities they served. Where did that go? Swallowed up by state and federal government! Now our school boards have asked the Justice Dept. to sic the FBI on us. Because we have dared to reject their agenda.

This must not stand.

And now to work!

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