When it comes to dogs and baths, there’s no “Yeah, well, why not?” It’s either “Oh, boy, whoopee–a bath!” or “No way you’re gettin’ me into that water! Do I have to bite you to get my point across?” The latter seems to be the majority opinion.

I wonder when was the last time I used the term, “the latter”…

P.S.–My sister once had to give my iguana a bath; and she still remembers it, all these years later, “because he was so good about it.”

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  1. I’ve seen dogs, and even cats, that were fine with water, and others that protested vigorously. I’ve never been able to predict which reaction would happen. My cat is fascinated with water, and has even followed me into the shower, but as soon as water starts coming out of the shower head, she beats a hasty retreat.

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