Look! The Sun!

Sun Happy Sunshine - Free vector graphic on Pixabay

Ooh-ooh, the sun came out! Well, sort of. If I hurry, I can set up a chair, open my legal pad, and get the next chapter of The Witch Box started. But only if I hurry.

I’m beginning to wonder now if maybe I should just keep writing all the way into the double climax, right to the end of the story. Then try to link it to the point where I interrupted myself. I write in sets of five or six chapters, and I was about a third of the way through Chapter Set 4 when I decided to put it on hold and jump ahead to 5. And now I’m thinking, “Might as well go on through 6.”

Well, I can’t just talk about it, gotta go and do it. Hasta la vista, baby…

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