‘Can Bowser Come Out and Play?’

I have a couple of next-door neighbors whose dogs really like each other. If the dog from House A is outside, he’ll go over to House B and bark at the door because he wants his buddies to come out and play. (I have never noticed this behavior in lizards.) In fact, all the dogs in this neighborhood–and I can name nine or ten of them–enjoy each other’s company.

3 comments on “‘Can Bowser Come Out and Play?’

  1. Now Lee, I hate to question your authority regarding the Animal Kingdom, but you never observed this behavior in lizards, because lizards don’t bark. I live in a place where lizards are abundant, and I’ve yet to hear one bark for any reason. Maybe they just don’t like me, but I’d say that it’s probably a matter of species-specific behavior.

  2. Here in this neighborhood, the dogs in the different houses don’t seem to like each other. They do bark, but it is not in friendship.

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