Hunter Biden’s Art Really Sells!

Opinion | Sneak Preview! Paintings from the Hunter Biden Art Show. - The  Washington Post

Eat your heart out, Van Gogh.

Incredibly gifted artist Hunter Biden, son of, um, “President” Joe Biden, recently sold five paintings at a Los Angeles art show for $75,000 each ( And if you think that wasn’t really all that much–well, those paintings were only reproductions! The originals are on sale for up to half a million smackers each.

No one at the show wore face masks, because King COVID knows better than to molest his most loyal fans. Hunter was there in person, although he always says he doesn’t know who buys his paintings. Honk if you believe him.

This is so hopelessly corrupt, it’s almost funny. The son of a sitting president, best known for being a degenerate crack-head who’s gotten rich by a long series of shady deals with shady people, can peddle off his daubs at five and six-figure prices–and the buyers will never ask The Big Guy for any favors in return. Don’t honk if you believe that. I do not want to think anyone believes that.

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