Don’t Forget the Comment Contest!

The Quokka has to be the most photogenic animal on the planet! Photo via  Rottnest Island | Niedliche tiere, Tiere, Süße tiere

Crikey, here I am again! I guess if you’re a quokka and your name is Byron, you can forget about getting any rest around here.

I’m here to remind you we’ve got a comment contest going, shooting for that milestone of 80,000 comments. We currently have just over 78,800, which means we have less than 1,200 comments to go. Come on, everybody, saddle up!

Ordinarily the winner would get an autographed book or a really cool T-shirt, but I thought we needed something a bit more exciting.

See that nice ocean in the background? How would you like to win a ship to sail upon that ocean? But you can’t see the ship I’m talking about–because it’s under the water!

That’s right–you could win a submarine! Just be the lucky blighter who posts Comment No. 80,000. Feel just like Captain Nemo! Only without the giant squids, of course.

7 comments on “Don’t Forget the Comment Contest!

  1. I’m saddled up, but my horse will have to do most of the commenting for me because I’m exhausted. If he wins the contest, he’ll have to take the extra large T-shirt, I guess.

  2. My computer program is in rebellion again. Several times I have attempted to comment here, or answer an email, and got the message hmmm, can’t reach this page. Nonsense, I think is an attempt by some program that wants to sell protection. fap
    Sometimes they go through, sometimes they don’t.

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