Confuse a Cat with a Card Trick

The poor cat totally buys this card trick. You can bamboozle very young children with it, too. You pretend to throw a toy across the room, and the kiddy thinks it vanished into thin air.

Wait’ll this guy sees the kind of tricks the cat can do, once he’s feeling ornery.

It’s not nice to fool your cat.

9 comments on “Confuse a Cat with a Card Trick

  1. Every time I saw the guy grin about how he was upsetting the cat, I wanted to smack the grin off his face. Yeah, I know that’s not a nice thing to say. But I always side with the cat. (Although Iggy might disagree with that last statement on occasion.)

    1. Some cats don’t mind if you play a little trick on them. Our cat Buster would have enjoyed that card trick. Robbie and Peep would just ignore it. Cats are all different.

    2. I just watched it again, and yes, she’s lovely. But I still don’t like watching someone mock a cat. Hisssssss. 🙂

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