A Peek into Paradise

Baby deer, baby human–and love at first sight. I mean, I’ve approached wild deer–living here in this town, they have to get used to people–but never ventured to pet one. It would just run away.

Look at this, though. Take a good look. When God’s finished re-creating His Creation, it just might look like this.

3 comments on “A Peek into Paradise

  1. Truly beautiful.

    One thing I’ve noticed is that even very small children want to pet animals, or bring them food, or in some other way interact with them in a gentle and positive manner. That has to be inborn.

    We live in a fallen world, and we can’t fix that of own own power. We can do our best to live godly lives, but we can’t fix the root problem, of our own accord. But every so often, some beautiful thing happens which demonstrates some little aspect of what is good. I love watching videos of people with exotic pets, and marvel that even “wild” animals can live peaceably with humans. I’m certain that is what God intended in the beginning,and I’m sure that we will see this return in the Millennium.

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