Beware the Kitten!

If King Kong was a kitten, he’d be this one. He’s got all the moves, forward, backward, and sideways. One feels a compulsion to hide in the cedar chest… although that could turn out badly. Hey, we’ll understand if you can’t watch the whole thing!

7 comments on “Beware the Kitten!

  1. I find this a bit disconcerting, actually. What can be terrifying that kitten so much? He’s obviously recoiling from something that scares him.

  2. Maybe he is just getting in practice for mouse hunting. Or, maybe getting ready to try out for a part in a big bad movie.

  3. I have concluded that cats love to have fun, and this is one of the ways they do it. My cat does the same thing on occasion. I’ll walk into a room and she’ll arch her back, fluff out her tail and act like she’s ready for battle, including a dazzling attack that always ends up with her licking my hand. Ten minutes of so of that, and it’s out of her system and she’ll be curled up on my lap, snoozing.

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