Imagine You’re Chasing… What?

I’ve become convinced that animals have imaginations: they can imagine things that aren’t really there. For instance, what’s this kitten chasing? It could be anything–because it’s imaginary.

7 comments on “Imagine You’re Chasing… What?

  1. I think they do imagine – to see something they only want to see, so they will have something exciting to do.

  2. My mother used to say (in jest, I’m sure) that they were chasing ghosts. Actually, they can probably see floating hairs and dust motes that human eyes can’t detect.

    1. And then there was the famous experiment, in the Bell Witch House, of the rattlesnake repeatedly striking at something that wasn’t there…

    2. I wasn’t aware of the history of the Bell Witch House until just a moment ago. Obviously, if demonic entities are involved, we can’t know what an animal may be sensing. If a rattlesnake senses an apparition, I would imagine that it would strike in that direction. As for myself, I have never thought about placing a rattlesnake anywhere to see what it would do. I was in what I can only describe as a fight, with a Prairie Rattler, and I can state from firsthand experience that they are nasty creatures. When I call it a fight, I am choosing the word carefully.

      This snake approached an area where there were humans and dogs, rattling and ready for trouble. It took two of us to pin him down and, eventually, kill him. He was trying his best to kill us. Prairie Rattlers are aggressive, as compared to the relatively calm demeanor of the Diamondbacks that live in these parts. (Don’t get me wrong, Diamondbacks are dangerous, but they are not as aggressive as Prairie Rattlers.) Anyhow, my point is that rattlers can’t be very nasty creatures and will strike when they are frightened in any way.

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