Pelosi Wants ‘Investigation’ of Cartoon

Pelosi calls for criminal, Ethics Committee investigation into Republican congressman for posting anime parody video

Oooh! Isn’t that scary, boys and girls?

Far Left Crazy doesn’t like getting dosed with its own medicine.

Squeaker of the House of Reprehensibles Nancy Pelosi wants “law enforcement” and a Congressional ethics committee to “investigate” Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) for posting a cartoon parody showing a miniature cartoon superhero attacking Democrat bigwigs “President” Joe Biden and weirdo commie Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (

Hmm… Remember when some so-called “comic” posed with a prop that was supposed to be the chopped-off head of President Donald Trump? Did Pelosi call for an investigation of that? Did she call that violence? How about the “Plays in the Park” with a Trump look-alike in Julius Caesar getting butchered by the senators of Rome? Did that perturb Pelosi?

I’m sure Herod’s Men will eagerly hop onto the bandwagon and oblige the Squeaker with an investigation. You can always find cops who’ll do that work.

And remember–even if you don’t say anything naughty about the Squeaker and her mob: “Silence is violence!”

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  1. This is just like North Korea or China or any other communist hell hole. They don’t allow dissent, and they don’t allow criticizing the government in any way.

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