AZ School Board, Cops, Planned to Arrest Protesting Parents

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This really is getting out of hand.

Somehow, all throughout America, our local school boards turned into tyrants, almost all of them on the Far Left. They became representatives who don’t represent us anymore.

In Chandler, Arizona, leaked emails reveal that the local school board colluded with the police department to “monitor” the websites of parent groups and to arrest citizens who used the board’s next public meeting as an opportunity to protest mask “mandates” (

The board and the cops–are you cops crazy, turning against normal people at the beck and call of these tinhorn stalinists?–also agreed to “monitor” parents who don’t like Critical Race Theory and don’t want it in their schools’ curriculum.

I say “their schools” tongue in cheek–because although the parents pay for the schools, every red cent, the schools are by no means “theirs.”

So… when they’re not sicking the FBI on us, they’re huddling with the local police and planning to bust anyone who doesn’t dance to their little commie tune. CRT? Transgender? What–you don’t like that stuff? Looks like you need some time in the cooler!

Again, the only meaningful and effective recourse we have against these wicked persons is to pull our children OUT of public schools. Let the union hacks preach CRT to empty classrooms. Let the elitists on the school board sell “transgender” to empty desks and chairs.

School your children at home! You can’t possibly do a worse job than these wackos hired by the schools.

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  1. There is another way to stop this. Christians need to run for the school board and get elected, than we will be in charge and can do away with this evil. Be the salt and light, as Christ commanded us to do and be. He told His disciples to “make disciples, or Christians of all nations” (Matt 28:19). This is how it is rendered in the Greek. Not make a few people disciples in the nations, or some of the people from some countries disciples, but make the nations Christian! Would that not mean teaching all of a nations children the ways of God; not just your own children? This is what Christians have done in the past. I have examples of how Christians have discipled nations in my book “Israel, Rapture, Tribulation.” As the old hymn says “Onward Christian Soldiers.” Be an army of board members, marching to victory in the Government schools, and in every aspect of life and endeavor, business, member of congress, and so forth.

    As it is now, just a few evil people in positions of power have done great evil. Wouldn’t a few Christians in those same positions of power do great good? If most of those school board members were Christians, do you think this would be a problem?

    1. Here in New Jersey, local school boards really were local and really did serve the community. Then we created the State Dept. of Education, which over the years reduced local boards to the status of powerless yes-men. Local boards were unable to defend their schools’ curriculum–the state set all the standards, and when they didn’t, the federal Dept. of Education did.

      Now there’s nobody on those boards but woke rubber stamps.

  2. This riled me up just a bit, so here is a bit more…

    “Somehow, all throughout America, our local school boards turned into tyrants, almost all of them on the Far Left. They became representatives who don’t represent us anymore.”

    Are you telling us, there are not enough Christians in those districts who could run, and be elected, to sit on those local school boards? As you stated in another post: “Much damage was done in the late 19th and early 20th centuries when so many Christians started focusing on the Rapture and allowing the ungodly to take over our culture. We’re paying for that today.”

    As this example shows, this is one way we are paying for this. This “Jesus is coming soon” “last days” “end times” the rapture is just about to happen; the antichrist is going to rule the world very soon doctrine… is still being preached, still being taught in a large number of churches. And believed! They believe we are almost out of time, we can’t change the future, for it’s been already written, this evil will grow worse and worse, so very, very, very soon Jesus will split the sky, it will happen soon, in our lifetime…

    So, you get a large number of Christians who let the world/culture/government/school boards go to hell, for why bother, for soon, very soon Jesus will rescue us in a rapture, just save a few souls before that time. The cure for this is in my book. And there are a lot of other books by authors who also have the cure for this “Last Days Madness” (Gary DeMar)

    1. I say public education can’t be repaired and must be abandoned. A Christian on a school board here and there would instantly find himself up against the education establishment.
      Let’s say you had a board consisting of all Christians. The state and feds would be at them every step of the way. Here in NJ the state ultimately decides the curriculum.

      And why bother? Human civilization got by without mass public schooling for thousands of years. Homeschool co-ops, embracing a number of families, are one way to go. There are others. We do not need the public schools.

  3. You are correct, we do not need government schools. And it would be best if there were abandoned.

    “The state and feds would be at them every step of the way.” Again, where are the Christians in the state and federal positions? One of my points, we need, and must have Christians fulling all those positions, in every aspect of life, government, business and everything else. We do not need 100% filled with Christians, but even a small number would make a world of difference.

  4. The more resistance they face the more their true nature will reveal itself. I say the parents should call their bluff. And if they do arrest them make a big scene of it. That tactic didn’t stop the civil rights movement and it won’t stop this. If anything it will be like trying to stomp on a fire, it will spread faster. It also opens them up for lawsuits galore.

  5. Tonight I was privileged to attend Dan Fisher of Edmond, OK’s “The Black Robe Regiment” performance. He compared the preachers of early America to the ones today, and called out how the Marxist’s have captured our public schools. For sure I bought his book “Black Robed Regiment.” and had him sign it: I manned his book table and we sold over $2,000.00 worth!

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