The Neverending Political Campaign

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The elections are over–right? They happened last week. There are winners and losers. And there won’t be more elections until next year.

So how come all these out-of-state campaigns are still snowing us under with requests for money? Always more money! Like a bunch of baby birds crying for more worms.

The other day we got an email from the Youngkin Campaign, in Virginia, citing some kind of “desperate” need for more money. Dude, the election’s over and you won! Why do you think people who don’t live in Virginia should keep on sending you money?

I know it has become routine, but I don’t like the whole idea of candidates soliciting funds from out of state. When the smoke clears, whom do they represent?

The 17th Amendment made U.S. senators independent of their respective states. Now they’re dependent on nationwide special interests. “Never mind those little peasants in my state! How can I get more money from the teachers’ union?” And now it’s getting to be just as bad with our House of Representatives.

Who are they representing?

5 comments on “The Neverending Political Campaign

  1. Sadly, many of them are representing their avarice, and little else. There are still public spirited politicians out there, but even sincere individuals can be corrupted by opportunities for financial security.

  2. I am for a law that says politicians can only receive money from citizens in their State. In Arkansas, Sarah Huckabee Sanders has raised so much outside money that her main opponent, our Att. Gen. Leslie Rutledge has dropped out and is now running for Lt. Gov.

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