‘Has Anybody Seen the Nandi Bear?’ (2018)

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I have to go to the eye doctor this morning, so that’s going to cost me two hours’ writing time. Meanwhile, I thought this post might be appropriate.

Has Anybody Seen the Nandi Bear?

Well, I’m going to have my eyes checked, aren’t I? And I haven’t even claimed to have seen the Nandi bear. It’s so embarrassing when you tell people “Yes, I’ve seen the Nandi bear, it was just outside the car wash” and it turns out, when you get new glasses, to be just a mailbox or something.

I don’t know when I’ll be back; but please feel free to browse the archives.

2 comments on “‘Has Anybody Seen the Nandi Bear?’ (2018)

  1. Have to admit I have never seen this one, but then my vision is going downhill. It is snowing here this morning, I have several letters to write to people who are shut-ins, so I’ll be in the house, not out in the weather.

  2. I had my eyes examined on Monday and my eyes were dilated. Good thing I have dark sunglasses in my car or otherwise the sunlight was too bright to be able to see. Maybe that was what it was like on the Mount of Transfiguration where Peter and them fell on the ground because of the brightness.

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