Our Leaders Make Us Look Bad

Harris, Macron unveil new initiatives on space, cybersecurity after meeting  | TheHill

It takes a bigger mask to hide this much tomfoolery.

Hey! Let’s send out Kamala Harris to talk to a bunch of French scientists! ‘Cause she can do this, like, really cool French accent (https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/11/kamala-harris-puts-fake-french-accent-talking-french-people/)!

So we did.

While our, um, “president” is farting up a storm at the world Climbit Chainge Scam convention, cutting the cheese in front of members of the British royal family, we have our No. 1 Woman Of Color trying to be Maurice Chevalier.

Welcome to the Ruling Class.

Heaven help us, our world is ruled by idiots. Not that they’re any better off, but other countries are laughing at us now.

If we’re going to save our republic–and restore any semblance of respect for the United States of America–we’d better start now.

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  1. Commie Harris goes over to France to deal with their migrant problem while she ignores ours at the southern border. Speaking of borders, it made the news this week that our border with Canada is now open, but you can only cross if you have proof of being vaccinated. What a contrast with the southern border where everyone can come in and no vaccinations required – the definition of insane.

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