Kamala’s Pronouns

Honk if you care what this dindle’s pronouns are.

It’s bad enough they lie to us, bully us, rob us, debauch our elections, destroy our national borders, subvert our republic, ravage our culture, attack our standard of living, and gut our economy.

But do they have to tear down our dignity? Do they have to insult us? I mean, is this how our (ahem!) “leaders” are going to talk to us from now on?

Notice she quickly glances down at her suit to make sure it really is blue. “I am a woman in a blue suit.” (Check! Yeah, okay, I am.) “My preferred pronouns are her and she.”

Really, what have we done to deserve this? And if SloJo folds, and tries to shake hands with one too many imaginary people… this talking vegetable will be our president.

How far down do you have to prune the Democrat Party before you find somebody who’s not a wacko or a crook?


Oh, No! A Crisis, A Crisis!

Vice Dindle Kamala Harris has just found out about this terrible thing that’s going on, oh the horror, the horror! Let her tell it–I’m dumbfounded. Oh–you’d better be sitting down.

Here it is.

“Women are getting pregnant every day in America.”

Quick, the smelling salts! Who knew? Who even guessed? Thank Loki we’ve got Kamala to look after us! She’ll be president when SloJo folds.

An epidemic of pregnancy… Masks, everyone! And no more thingy without social distancing!

My Newswithviews Column, June 23 (‘Governed by Ninnies’)

Deep Thoughts with Kamala Harris: Is Veep's Babbling Self-Sabotage or Dem Effort to Ruin Her? - YouTube

In case you couldn’t define ‘sarcasm’…

You can fight a foreign foe. (Well, you can try: it gets kind of difficult when your generals are paralyzed by fear of Climbit Change). But how do you fight home-grown stupidity? How does a country survive an education system that generates battalions of dopes like Kamala Harris?

Governed by Ninnies

We are in deep, deep trouble. Our public schools and universities make people stupid. We might not have enough homeschooled young people to carry us over the time it takes to get rid of our current education system and replace it.

Because you ain’t fixin’ it, people. It’s too far gone for that.

If you don’t think so, listen to Kamala.

Shake the Schools and Pour…

[Thanks to Susan for the nooze tip]

Oh, our poor country!

I’m not a Newt Gingrich fan, but he does have a point. Vice President (oh, please) Kamala Harris, he says, “is the first product of our modern teachers’ union/woke education system to get anywhere.” Which is to say, “She knows nothing” and is oblivious to things going on around her.

And should anything happen to SloJo Biden, already the worst president ever, this human train wreck, Kamala Harris, would replace him. So if he’s alive in 2024, he’s runnin’. Like, who do the Democrats have who wouldn’t be even worse?

Do we have enough kids homeschooling to carry the country on their shoulders when they grow up? It’s a scary thought: a whole generation of nothingburgers like Kamala taking over America. Sheesh. If that doesn’t kill us, nothing will. Just her cackling alone might do it…

They’re At It Again: New ‘Disinformation’ Task Force

Babbling moron' Kamala Harris shouldn't be a 'heartbeat away' from the  presidency | The Weekly Times

She thinks it’s funny. Do we?

Democrats will never give up their dream of stifling free speech. So first they tried a “disinformation board,” but that blew up in their faces, once the public found out about it.

Last week they announced Dis-Info 2.0–a “task force” (oh, good grief!) headed by the virtually brainless Kamala Harris and also including administration goons Alejandro Mayorkas (Homeland Security), integrity-challenged Attorney General Merrick Garland, and bumbling Secretary of State Antony Blinken (where’s Winken and Nod?).

The purpose of the task force is to “protect” “political figures” and journalists from Internet harassment and abuse. (But they’re the ones who need harassment and abuse!) And Cherished Minorities, of course: they need government protection. ‘Cause they get “terrorized” by the rest of us. See who gets punished for abusing, harassing, or terrorizing Christians or conservatives. Don’t hold your breath.

Is there anyone in this administration you respect? Is there anyone in it who is not a crook or an idiot or both?

Hail Who?

King Turnip Mascot Cartoon Style Royalty Free Cliparts, Vectors, And Stock  Illustration. Image 94918087.

Jill Biden, wife of the candidate who got 81 million phantoms and leprechauns to vote for him, made a wee slip of the tongue a few days ago, introducing Kamala Harris, the vice-centaur, as President of the United States (https://freerepublic.com/focus/f-chat/4042653/posts). She “just said that to make you laugh,” she hastily explained.

Yeah, well, we’ve got that beat! Elves, munchkins, brownies, and will-o’-the-wisps, another 81 million strong, have thrown their support to…

Humphrey the Turnip! If I may indulge in a crepuscularity, they have thrown the throne to him.

“He’s way more qualified than Whatsername!” declared Dr. Frances Gzunt, a carrot. “If Slojo can’t last out his term, who better to take over than Humphrey the Turnip? No political track record whatsoever! Guaranteed corruption-free!”

Humphrey is ready to debate Kamala Harris any time, as long as he doesn’t have to be dug up from where he’s planted.

Phony Kamala Hails Phony Kwanzaa

Kamala Harris Knows She's Trapped - Government Executive

This is certainly on a part with Hillary Clinton being named after Sir Edmund Hillary years before he climbed Mt. Everest.

Affirmative-action “Vice President” Kamala Harris has come up with a whopper that would insult the intelligence of a concrete garden gnome: one of her happiest childhood memories, she babbles, is of her part-Indian, part-Jamaican family celebrating “Kwanzaa,” the B.S. baloney “holiday” made up by 1960s Black Power radicals (https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/12/kamala-harris-touts-seven-principles-kwanzaa-says-favorite-principle-kujichagulia/).

She says her favorite principle of Kwanzaa (oh, where is that barf bag!) is “having the power to design your own life (??) and determine your own future,” which they call “kujichagulia.” Is that the same as “pdgaa”?

This jidrool is a heartbeat away from the presidency–and it’s SloJo Biden’s heart, no less. Couldn’t we have, oh… Mickey Mouse? Minnie Mouse? One of those orange plastic cones they put out on the street? Anything but this–anything.

‘President Hillary’–A Warning Or a Nightmare?

Hillary Clinton's 'angry' face | Op-eds – Gulf News

The Mummy Returns… a horror movie, or nooze?

Wayne Allen Root warns us of a Democrat plan to “install” Hillary Clinton as president, bypassing all that messy business with elections and such (https://freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/4016597/posts).

Here’s how it works. SloJo Biden is tapped out, he’s over; but first they’ve got to get rid of Kamala-la-la-la. So they buy her off for, say, $25 million and she resigns “for personal reasons.” Hillary Clinton, possibly the most detested politician in America–and that’s saying a lot!–is appointed vice president. And then, for another $25 million, China Joe hangs up his spikes and heads for greener pastures. And voila! The most corrupt woman in the Northern Hemisphere is President of the United States!

Who needs elections anymore?

And in 2024, Root says, the Democrat ticket will be Clinton… and Michelle “No-Show Job” Obama! With her $4,000 sneakers paid for with your tax money.

I will count backwards from 10 and wake up in a very uncrowded movie theater…

Good Night! Kamala to be Named to Supreme Court?

She May Very Well Hold the Key to Biden's Win' - POLITICO

Why is she laughing? Did we just sell Texas to Red China?

This is one of those “Say it ain’t so, Joe!” moments. The story’s coming from CNN, though, so it may very well be moonshine.

With the whole Biden, um, “administration” underwater in the polls, and “Vice President” Kamala Harris blamed for dragging the whole business down to the bottom of the vat, Democrats are pondering ways to get rid of her (according to CNN) without touching off more race riots. The solution to the problem, as devised by some ingenious White House aides, is to nominate No. 1 Woman Of Color to the United States Supreme Court (https://freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/4012858/posts). Heck, they want to pack the court anyway. This would be a start. Then they could add Hillary and Chelsea Clinton, Eric Holder, Hunter Biden, and a couple of tapeworms. And maybe a Chicom Army officer or two.

Let’s see which way our Free & Independent Democrat Nooze Media jumps on this.

Will there still even be a United States by this time next year? I mean, more than just a name on a map.

Not if Democrats can help it.

Our Leaders Make Us Look Bad

Harris, Macron unveil new initiatives on space, cybersecurity after meeting  | TheHill

It takes a bigger mask to hide this much tomfoolery.

Hey! Let’s send out Kamala Harris to talk to a bunch of French scientists! ‘Cause she can do this, like, really cool French accent (https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/11/kamala-harris-puts-fake-french-accent-talking-french-people/)!

So we did.

While our, um, “president” is farting up a storm at the world Climbit Chainge Scam convention, cutting the cheese in front of members of the British royal family, we have our No. 1 Woman Of Color trying to be Maurice Chevalier.

Welcome to the Ruling Class.

Heaven help us, our world is ruled by idiots. Not that they’re any better off, but other countries are laughing at us now.

If we’re going to save our republic–and restore any semblance of respect for the United States of America–we’d better start now.