Is Missing Tennis Star Lost or Found?

Peng Shuai in an image purportedly posted by the missing Chinese tennis player

Laying it on a bit thick, do you think?

On Nov. 2 Chinese tennis star Peng Shuai posted on social media an assertion that she had been sexually assaulted by a member of the Chinese Communist government.

Then she went missing.

This weekend we are told she has reappeared… sort of. She is supposed to have made a video call to the International Olympic Committee to tell them she’s safe and well, and the Chicoms are saying she will make a public appearance “soon” ( Meanwhile, they’ve posted pictures of her “quietly at home” with toys and a cat.

A great deal of skepticism surrounds this whole business. In China they don’t let you criticize the government. They make you disappear. In fact, I think that’s what American leftids, aka Democrats, like about it. Wait’ll parents who criticize school boards start disappearing. We’ll have our own Chateau D’If. But I digress.

When Peng Shuai makes her public appearance, will it be real or will it be Memorex?

Who can say?

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