Here Comes a Satire

The Rise and Suspiciously Rapid Fall of Freedomland U.S.A. - Atlas Obscura

I’m going to write a satire for Newswithviews this week, and I want to warn my regular readers that that’s what it is–a satire. I’ve already run it up the flagpole for my wife and my editor, and they both found it appallingly believable. Well, we don’t want to alarm anybody, do we?

So I’m going to say the Democrats’ insane spending bill includes $20 billion to set up half a dozen theme parks throughout America. The parks will be called “Commieland.”

When I was a boy in 1960, a theme park called “Freedomland USA” was constructed in the Bronx, NY. Tons of TV commercials! I wonder if any of you remember it. By 1964 it was bankrupt and had to be closed.

*Sigh* It’s increasingly difficult to do satire, these days. You make up something ridiculous and almost immediately something even more ridiculous crops up in real life. Especially now.

The fact that so many people find really wild satires completely believable is not a good sign.



4 comments on “Here Comes a Satire

  1. It is not a good sign at all. The reason, I think, is that so many people have stopped reading long ago. There are quite a few good books of truth. (at least they were when I was younger) You don’t find that kind of truth on TV programs.

    1. The choice not to read is very widespread, these days. People cut themselves off from a source of wisdom. I can’t help suspecting that what passes for “education” these days actually puts people off reading.

      Without a knowledge of history, Plato said (it was one of the few things he got right), humanity is condemned to a perpetual childhood.

      And if you never read, you won’t know the difference between a good TV program and a silly one.

  2. That is true. You learn which people to trust and which ones to x off right away if you know the history of things.

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