School Board Atrocity Roundup

Herod’s men are always ready to rock!

Chris Rufo has a news report on the latest examples of school boards trying to cow and intimidate parents who dissent from insane school board policies–including a real goody from Round Rock, Texas (

Don’t think you’re safe just because you live in a red state like Texas. “Educators” and teachers’ unions are the same all over. They’re all Far Left crazy. And coast to coast, from sea to shining sea, they’re looking for brute force to turn on parents who question their evil and moronic policies–especially mask “Mandates,” Critical Race Theory, transgender propaganda, and filthy pornographic books in school libraries.

You know what our problem is? We, the American people, are governed by persons who really, truly, seriously don’t like us. They want to “fundamentally transform” our country, and public schools are a huge part of their plan. They won’t listen to us, they despise our most deeply-held beliefs, they laugh at us even when we’re looking right at them, and they think our American way of life has got to go.

And we let our children be “educated” by them? We need our heads examined!

The only sure way to drive these people back into the woodwork is to pull our children out of public school. Let’s see how long they can sustain “teaching” empty classrooms. Oh, sure, a few “progressives” will continue to send their kids there to learn Critical Race Theory–those few progs who don’t send their kids to ritzy private schools–but it won’t last for long.

Kill public education, and Far Left Crazy dies.

5 comments on “School Board Atrocity Roundup

  1. This is so sick. With both parents being required to work in order to make ends meet (which they never do), home schooling is difficult, but anything that can be done should be done ASAP.

  2. I went to our Quorum Court meeting recently where they were to vote on a resolution to declare our County a Pro-Life County. People were allowed a few minutes to give their two cents before the vote. The Pro-aborts were nasty and said mean things to the Justices of the Peace. I sat surrounded by them and told them they had blood on their hands and they would have to answer to God. When the vote was in favor of the resolutionm 9-4, they all got up in a huff and left, and one of the women yelled into my ear “Don’t you dare try to shove your God down my throat.” I laughed and told her to have a nice night. Then when I left and it was very dark in the parking lot, the two policemen who were there walked me to my car because the Pro-aborts were still circled in the lot. These are some mean dangerous people.

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