‘*Sigh*… “Moral Evolution”‘ (2016)

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Some of our ‘evolved’ leaders…

I run this post up the flagpole every now and then to remind us all that a false religion, statist humanism (or humanistic statism), never stops working to take over the world.

And the engine that makes it go is the whole idea of “evolution.”

*Sigh*… ‘Moral Evolution’

Yowsah, yowsah! Who needs a Savior? We’re gonna evolve!

God forbid.

Now the moral imbeciles who brought us the Obama years are back in power, and in less than a year they’ve managed to drag our country very far down from where it was just ten months ago. Who would’ve thought they could do so much damage, so fast?

Pray hard. We have to survive three more years of this. If we can.

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  1. I thank my God every day that HE is my king, and these imposters are pathetic and on the road to ruin. I choose not to go with them.

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