Our Kitchen Sink Is Back (We Hope!)

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Mr. Rooter got here pretty fast and was two hours on the job; and at last we heard those blessed words, “It’s fixed, you’re good to go.”

It was a much bigger job than anticipated, and our landlord got hit with most of the cost because it wasn’t just our apartment–the whole building was clogged. We never suspected everything was in such a mess. I’m happy to say it didn’t result in a fight with the landlord; I was surprised he took it so well.

But there’s a whole afternoon’s work that never got done, I don’t know what Patty will do about supper–but we thank the Lord that it got done at all.

(Meanwhile, our bedroom air condition gave an agonized cry in the middle of the night–so that’ll have to be seen to. Thank the Lord it hasn’t happened in the summer.)

Gee, I’m tired…

There was some asinine nooze I meant to cover today, but it’ll have to wait for tomorrow.

Check that! The sink has once again stopped draining. It waited till Mr. Rooter left. Words fail me.

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  1. Well, praise the Lord, it is done. These delays and interruptions are very annoying, but it is life these days.

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