Normal Service is Kaput (for Now)

Came home to sink filled with black water, smells like dirt. Did my pipe  collapse? I live in a condo. : r/Plumbing

No, we haven’t struck oil! That’s our kitchen sink.

We were putting our groceries away when, for no reason we can imagine, our kitchen sink began to fill with black water. It came up from the drain. I took the plunger to it, but that only made it fill with filthy water faster. I had to grab a pail and bail it out.

We called Mr. Rooter and supposedly the guy is on his way, Mr. Rooter to the rescue.

I pray he can fix this problem.

So much for working on my book today.

Normal service will be resumed as soon as I get my sanity back.

2 comments on “Normal Service is Kaput (for Now)

  1. Oh, I’m sorry about this. In all my long life, owning rentals etc. I am very familiar with problems like this.
    Always something. I’ll pray for the Lord to give you peace, and give your professional all the right moves
    when he arrives, so that you can get your life back on track.

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