The Stag That Roars

This really is impressive! I can’t believe they imported these red stags to New Zealand just so they could hunt them. It seems like such a waste of natural majesty.

Gee, I wish the guy had really fixed my sink today…

7 comments on “The Stag That Roars

  1. Lee, is it possible that the problem is in the city main rather than in your building? That actually turned out to be the problem in a high-rise condo building I used to live in. The city water department needs to get in on this. Your landlord can probably lean on them.

    1. Funny you should say that–all summer long we had the water company digging up our streets and replacing the pipes, and driving the rats out of their homes. So there shouldn’t be a problem there. The Rooter guy says our building’s whole system is clogged, all the way out to the sidewalk. The town takes no responsibility for pipes on private property.

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