Crapola Fest! ‘Racial Trauma Counselor’

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Because the truth is not in them–heck, convincing lies aren’t even in them–leftids keep promoting the Kyle Rittenhouse “Not Guilty” verdict as some kind of cataclysm of “white supremacy.”

And just to show their heart’s in the right place–somewhere out in Commieland–Levi Strauss has hired a “Racial Trauma Specialist” to counsel employees who are experiencing… I don’t know… “racial trauma”? (

Why do corporations play along with the woke mob? What could be more shameful? Levi Strauss, in addition to making blue jeans, now has a [trumpet fanfare] Chief Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer. What kind of salary do you suppose she makes, just for babbling? Does “equity” even mean anything?

Listen to these ninnies. Riots are called “racial justice protests” or “racial justice events.” Anyone–anyone!–who truly feels a need for this is too pathetic for words.

Oh–and they’re gonna urge employees to “advocate for gun control”–so that scumbags who attack you can’t get shot anymore–and even offer them paid “volunteer time.” Were you wondering why your jeans cost so much?

So they’re offering 24/7 “confidential counseling” for all employees who are racially traumatized because Kyle Rittenhouse shot three white thugs who attacked him. You really have to have your whole head full of Equity to be racially traumatized by that.

Really, really, really! This stupid dangerous foolishness has to stop. We, the majority, the sane people of America, have to shut it down. If we devoted a fifth of the energy to our cause as wacko leftids do to theirs, we’d have them wiped out in a week.

P.S.–School boards, universities, companies, etc. are all scrambling to rename their Critical Race Theory “teachings.” Just change the name–gee, we must be awfully easy to deceive.

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  1. The corporations probably go along with the wokery as part of their lobbying efforts with the government. Supporting the politicos in power gets them favors in return when 2,000-page bills are being put together and swamp agency regulations are being crafted. In Mussolini’s Italy, this symbiosis of government and corporations was known as fascism.

    1. Come to think of it, I believe there were some workers’ associations (aka unions) in Mussolini’s system as well. Predatory birds of a feather tend to flock together.

  2. They changed the name of Common Core but still kept its concepts so we can merge with the United Nations. I was glad to see that the Salvation Army has backed off their Woke CRT cave in – too many supporters raised a raucous.

  3. The only “power” they have is what people give to them. They have no power on their own. If everyone told them no their power would evaporate over night.

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