A Handyman, I’m Not

Industrial RiveTier Shelving System | Toyota Lift of Minnesota

I am not a handyman. But that doesn’t get me out of doing handyman chores.

I had to get rid of our bulky old TV cabinet and then assemble some shelves to take its place. This entailed dropping very small screws onto the carpet and strewing cardboard and styrofoam packaging all over the place. Eventually I got it done. It has made me tired. Very tired. Could barely manage to smoke my cigar.

But it’s done. The next herculean task will be the Christmas tree.

(How come so few readers are viewing our Christmas hymns today?)

7 comments on “A Handyman, I’m Not

  1. I thought I had commented on all the hymns, but if I failed, it could be cuz I don’t feel up to par today. My vision now seems to be messing up. It seems like bright light is blurring my vision, can’t even read. grrrr

  2. Busy day today — house cleaning, talking on the phone to an old college friend who surprised me with a phone call, and then collapsing on the couch in an exhausted nap until it was time to start fixing dinner. Tomorrow I’ll be tied up all morning hosting a women’s club thing in church, but I’ll try to catch up on email later in the day. Huff puff puff….

    I’ve also had those instruction sheets that claim to be easy as pie. I don’t know what kind of pie they’re talking about, but maybe they mean the instructions are clear as a mud pie.

    1. They made a great gag out of that in : “So simple, it practically operates itself!” But it sure gave Rex Harrison fits.

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