Kitten Won’t Be Buffaloed By Dog

(That just might be the worst headline I’ve ever written.)

The dog, 25 times the size of the kitten, is jealous. He’s excited. But if he thinks this tiny kitten is going to take any guff from him, he’s sadly mistaken. Daddy has his hands full, keeping the dog’s head on straight.

3 comments on “Kitten Won’t Be Buffaloed By Dog

  1. It is always so amusing and amazing to see the attitudes of little helpless looking kittens. They seem to have no idea how vulnerable they are.

  2. I’ve seen this very situation play out live. A 10 week old kitten meeting a god at least 25 times her size. The dog becomes excited at the prospect of finding a new playmate and with one hiss, the kitten spun that dog 180 degrees. It was hilarious.

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