‘How Fake Is Hillary Clinton?’ (2016)

Hillary Clinton Mask

The scary thing about the 2020 election was that SloJo was the best the Democrats had.

The scary thing about 2024 is, that’s still true.

Does that mean it’s time to run Hillary again?

How Fake is Hillary Clinton?

This reminds me of the stories my mother used to tell me about “The Bum” who lurked in Edgar Woods, who made children disappear. The idea was to keep me from venturing too deep into the woods. Similar boogiemen will suggest themselves to the alert reader.

I’ve begun to wonder–is Hillary a boogieman, too? Like, “Eat your vegetables, or Hillary Clinton will come and get you!”

For years and years the Clintons sold the story that Hillary, born in 1947, was named after Sir Edmund Hillary, the mountaineer who conquered Mt. Everest… in 1953. So the story was a fake.

What woods will Hillary Clinton be lurking in, 50 years from now?

7 comments on “‘How Fake Is Hillary Clinton?’ (2016)

  1. I am amazed that she has survived this long, with all she has done, but sometimes we get surprised, and in her case, I trusly am surprised.

  2. I don’t know how long I’ll be able to do anything today. I have another of those migranes that steal a portion of your vision… so… I’ll just do the best I can. Try to come up with a hymn soon.

    1. I used to have very bad headaches until I found the cause, MSG. I now check the labels, if it has MSG in it, I will not eat it. If you have not given up eating MSG, why not give it a try.

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