‘”Civility,” Eh?’ (2018)

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We hear a lot about “civility.” Most of what we hear is Democrats demanding that “civility” be shown to them. They don’t have to return the favor.

‘Civility,’ Eh?

Democrat presidential candidates have called normal people “deplorables,” “the dregs of society,” racists, biggits, haters, white supremacists… and “Nazis.” Don’t forget Nazis. That’s everyone who isn’t of the Far Left crazy.

How do you play nice with these people? All they want to do is harm us and wreck our country.

And if you can’t see through their word games–shame on you.

3 comments on “‘”Civility,” Eh?’ (2018)

  1. I am so sick of their boring games, I almost feel like staying out of the public, …but wait, isn’t that their intent?

  2. What we need is for someone to put together a picture (I would do it myself, but I don’t know how) with Stalin, Hillary Clinton, Mao, Barack Obama, Hitler, and Nancy Pelosi, in that order. All standing with their arms around each other. Over the picture will be this caption:

    Communists – Socialists – Nazis

    Under the picture will be this caption:

    Birds Of A Feather, Do Evil, Wherever

    I would put that on a T-shirt and wear it.

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