Progs Stump for 4-Day Work Week

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The Congressional Progressive Caucus–a nice name for Far Left Crazies from Commieland–is pushing for a four-day work week ( It’s supposed to “uplift workers” and “keep business booming.” It’s, like, “America’s re-think of work.”

Ooh-ooh, I know! How’s about we just let robots do all the work, and all the humans can, like, just lounge around playing video games and taking drugs? We could have a no-day work week!

Now, if people were working efficiently, a great many jobs could be done in less than the time allowed. But then these employees get suspected of slacking, cutting corners, and resented for making others look bad. So they join the crowd at the water cooler and talk about TV.

We maybe, possibly, could get by with a four-day week–if we had a work force noted for its efficiency, conscientiousness, and competence. Who wouldn’t enjoy an extra day of fishing?

But I don’t think we have that kind of work force. Do you?



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  1. Time not redeemed tends to go to a sin nature. As the saying goes, “Idle hands are the devil’s workshop.” Adam worked his tail off in Eden because we were created to be God’s workers in the earth not slackers.

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