‘An Ignoramus’ Gripe Against “Religion”‘(2017)

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We know that actors, as a class, are not very smart. But every now and then, one of them rises to a level of stupidity that can only make the others gnash their teeth with envy.

Like, for instance, complaining about “religion” as the source of all the problems of the world.

An Ignoramus’ Gripe Against ‘Religion’

One recoils in horror at the stuff they worship–the state, “Science,” gender fluidity (think “skull filled with brake fluid”), and, above all, themselves. Man perfectible by man–by means of mass executions, show trials, concentration camps, brain washing, and all the rest of that eminently humanist formula. God help us.

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  1. Strange that I should come upon this post just now. I was just writing some study notes on this very subject, and put the writing pad down, thinking everyone who reads the Bible knows all this, and it is a pattern followed in some way or other by mankind down through the ages. Just takes a little different turn (for the worse) every few years.

  2. Religion and worship of the One True God are not interchangeable terms. Religion can be a very broad term. I could set up a religion to worship my lawn mower if I wanted to, cherry-pick a few verses from the Bible to “support” my new belief system and if there was someone foolish enough to join up I’d be in business.

    Speaking for myself; I see a brilliantly created world around me with all sorts of amazing things happening. It is my be,idf that there has to be an intelligent Source for all of this and I want to know more about that Source. The Bible strikes me as having a very plausible explanation of human history and, especially, explains that we live in a fallen world, because of sin. At a very low moment in my life, when I felt little direction, I prayed, essentially saying; “what now God?” Almost immediately, there came to mind the words of a friend that Israel was the only nation to be gone for many years and to have been re-established. I knew the Bible verses which promised that very thing and also knew that in my youth, I had witnessed Israel fight two existential wars and prevail against overwhelming odds. Even at the time of the Six Day War, I had taken note of these extraordinary events, in spite of the fact that the theology in which I was raised taught that literal Israel was a sham.

    Armed with this information, I set about studying the OT prophecies regarding the restoration of Israel, which harken back as far as the writings of Moses, and I could see the outworking of these prophecies, even within my lifetime. I studied other biblical events, such as the Flood and quickly found that there were believing scientists who had applied their education to studies of geology, climate and other related fields to come up with an excellent theory of how this Flood occurred. Once again, I could see the evidence all around me, especially here in the desert, where evidence of receding waters is so well preserved.

    My beliefs are based on the Bible, and not any manmade interpretation of the Bible. I don’t claim to be 100% correct, but I strive to worship based upon evidence I can see for myself and which is well explained in scripture. The Bible tells me to be peaceable with all men, as far as it depends upon me, and I strive to do that. There are people whose beliefs are far different from my own, and while I am glad to share my testimony with others, I don’t seek to impose my beliefs on anyone. We all stand before our Creator as individuals and I don’t believe that God will judge hearts based upon denominational affiliation. Among my friends are people of all sorts of denominations and I don’t seek to undermine their beliefs, but I do uphold what I can read in the Bible.

    If you think about it, this stance is not aligned with any denomination. I don’t let the leadership of any human organized religion define my beliefs, nor do I ever intend to do this. I’ve seen the results of this and they are not always good. I keep in mind Matt 23:10 “ Neither be called instructors, for you have one instructor, the Christ.” In fact, the whole of Matthew 23 is very instructive regarding these matters. My instructor is the Christ and I’m satisfied with that. I listen to what others have to say, but even among my closest associates, I take their words under advisement, but my decisions are based upon my reading of scripture … and always will be.

    1. Which opens a huge door, because I could make the argument that Christianity doesn’t deserve to be called a religious denomination. I am a Christian, but I am completely non-denominational. I don’t participate in things which I believe to be unscriptural, even if they are done in the name of Christianity, but just as importantly, I do not seek to interfere with the spiritual activities of anyone else, even if I see things differently.

  3. A religion is just a worldview, everyone has one, even him. The old argument that religion is the cause of all problems and wars is easily disproven. Governments have killed more people and started more wars than religion ever has. The 20th century alone is proof of that.

    1. Well stated Watchman. I like the term belief systems. I’ll use a more emotionally neutral example to illustrate what I mean.

      When I was a child, there were Ford people, Chevy people and Plymouth people among my family’s acquaintances. Many of these people held strong opinions about which brand was the best, in terms of quality, safety, durability, reliability and economy. In some cases, these beliefs were quite strongly held. I knew one fellow that would only drive older Cadillacs, because he believed them to have exceptional quality. These were belief systems, and every one of them had valid points, but no one could state that there was an absolute right or wrong. The validity was in the eye of the beholder, but one could observe and draw their own conclusions.

      In my case; I was a Ford man, but after having a Ford that chewed up a transmission every 2-3 years, I changed my mind. After eating it’s fourth transmission, I was in the process of calling my boss to let her know that I’d be out the next day buying a new car, and it occurred to me that her car never broke down. The next morning I went out and bought a car of the brand she drove. I had changed my beliefs.

      Our guidance in spiritual matters depends upon observation. I find the Bible compatible with what I have observed and experienced over my lifetime, and believe that it is a reliable guide. It is my reference work for all things both spiritual and moral, and with the advantages of search engines, it’s quite easy to search the raw data and pinpoint various subjects within the Bible. True knowledge has become abundant, just as Daniel was told. While I respect the opinions of others, I use the scriptures as my guideline in forming my worldview. It’s not perfect, but then again, no one else can claim to be perfect in their worship or devotion.

  4. Bill Maher the intellectual atheist (an oxymoron?) says the world would be a better place without religion, you know, “Imagine.” What he fails to understand and see is the more the world leaves Christianity behind the more violent and evil it becomes.

    1. I agree. Climbit Chains has become a religion. Electric cars have become a religion. (I predict a huge hazardous waste disposal problem stemming from this particular set of beliefs.) Any number of liberal causes are religions.

      I have a Buddhist friend. He’s a great guy that just got fed up with the churches he had attended. He doesn’t see Buddhism as a religion; he sees it as a philosophy. He’s not an atheist, but he’s non-religious. We actually agree on many things.

      I have another friend who is an non-observant Jew. I’ve talked spiritual matters with him and believe him to be a sincere and good man. He’s no fan of some of the things that have been done in the name of Christianity, but he has no problem whatsoever with what Jesus taught. Once again, we find a lot to agree upon.

      I can’t blame someone for being turned off by some of the things done in the name of Christianity, but that doesn’t condemn Christ’s teachings, because much of what is done by people claiming Christian motives, actually reduces to human motives, wrapped in a thin layer of pseudo-Christian hype. Christ taught love, humility, self sacrifice and concern for others. These are good things, and the product of a loving God’s influence. I’d like to see Maher criticize these things.

  5. “Religion for most means belief in a god, divine being, or deity. It entails faith and devotion in service to their chosen object of affection. However, for something to be defined, delineated, and presented as religion requires no god or worship of a deity. To be religious does not necessitate or require service to a holy being. Webster’s Dictionary defines religious as: “relating to that which is acknowledged as ultimate reality: manifesting devotion to and reflecting the nature of the divine or that which one holds to be of ultimate importance.” An evolutionist’s ultimate reality and importance does not include a divine being, but faith in its teachings is paramount.” “Reindeer Don’t Fly”

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