Our Christmas Carol Contest (Help!)

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Is this computer broken? Where are all the Christmas carols? Don’t you know we’ve got a contest going here?

Lee says it’s political science: In any large group of people, 99% of the work will be done by 1% of the members. A few of you submit entries every day, which is totally allowed. Enter as often as you like! But most readers… just don’t. It’s like anything else. Stinkin’ political science! We won’t allow it at Quokka University.

And somehow I, Byron the Quokka, get stuck running all the contests on this blog–and when nobody asks for any hymns, and nobody submits any comments, the other quokkas cast pitying looks at me and I really hate that!

(I told him–you know I told him!–how many times I told him: you’ll never get anywhere unless you offer more bodacious prizes, like a bike or a boat or a bowling alley–and who listens to me? *Sigh!*)

9 comments on “Our Christmas Carol Contest (Help!)

  1. Hang in there, dear Byron. It is just very early in some parts of the country, and we have all kinds of things to do. I’m working on it, and I’ll get you one real soon.

  2. Hello again, Byron. I found a new Christmas song by Carroll Roberson, called Let’s Celebrate Christmas this year. Upbeat, but honoring the Lord.

  3. How about “Go Tell It on the Mountain”? Sorry I haven’t been around much, but once again the chores and the emails got ahead of me.

  4. Hi Byron you are doing a great job as usual. Just ignore the other Quokkas. Could I please have the little drummer boy again but this time with Boney M. Thank you.

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