‘Carol of the Bells’ (J&J)

I’ve found a brand-new piece by Joshua & Jeremy today–The Carol of the Bells (without bells–just guitars). Looks like it would be challenging to play.

I hope you don’t mind just a few more Christmas carols.

‘Angels We Have Heard on High’

What gives this morning? No comments, no likes.

What? Is it too late for Christmas cheer?

I don’t think so. But let’s see who’ll hear the carol.

‘The Sussex Carol’ (Encore)

Just because the carol contest is over doesn’t mean we can’t have any more Christmas music. Don’t be shy–share your favorites.

This is one of mine–The Sussex Carol by Maddy Prior and the Carnival Band.


‘Carol of the Bells’

I’m still sick, but getting better now… and raring to go. But first this Christmas keepsake–

Carol of the Bells, by the Libera Boys Choir: and how to produce such pure music from the human voice… is a gift from God.

‘The Wexford Carol’

It’s taken me almost an hour to post this carol, so, year, I’m still sick–everything is moving in slow motion. I have a lot of lost sleep to catch up on.

The Wexford Carol features Alison Krauss, Yo-Yo Ma on his cello, and support from a bagpiper, a drummer–together they create a haunting Christmas carol, and a beautiful sound you surely haven’t heard before.

And now for a bit of breakfast.

‘The Little Drummer Boy’ (Joshua & Jeremy)

Have you had enough Christmas yet? I haven’t!

Yes, we’re still sick. No bungee-jumping for us today. But what could be more soothing, more comforting, than this sweet old Christmas carol, played so sweetly by our dear friends and esteemed colleagues, Joshua and Jeremy?

‘The Holly and the Ivy’

Yes, we’re still sick. But I must be coming out of it, because I’m feeling very sappy this morning–like any little thing, as long as it’s to do with Christmas, will bring tears to my eyes.

We’ve had nothing but really foul weather since before Christmas–haven’t seen the sun in over a week.


But enough of this. Here’s The Holly and the Ivy, an ancient Christmas carol here sung by Mediaeval Baebes.

‘Away in a Manger’ (American Melody)

Away in a Manger will always be among my oldest Christmas memories. I was little more than a baby myself when I learned to sing it. And it was to this melody, the American melody–sung here by Alan Jackson–who better?

I’m not so sick that this hymn can’t move me to tears.

By Request, ‘Born on That Day’

We have a hymn request from Susan–Born On That Day, by Matt Maher.

And now I really must get back to bed. I’ve done all I can do down here today.

Carol Contest Winner!

Christmas Quokka Photos - Free & Royalty-Free Stock Photos from Dreamstime

G’day! Lee’s laid out with symptoms way too disgusting to mention, so everything is left up to me, Byron the Quokka.

It falls to me to announce the winner of our second annual Christmas Carol Contest. It’s Joshua [trumpet fanfare]! His carol, I Wonder As I Wander, racked up 21 view the day it was requested.

Now it remains but for Joshua to pick his prize–an autographed copy of one of lee’s books, a red T-shirt that says “If they have to kill us, they’ve lost”… or some little plastic army men. The few plastic army men that have survived the passage of a thousand years have mystified the best minds in Obann.

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