‘Trivializing Women’ (2017)

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Scroll down a bit to see Unknowable’s second comment. It’s food for thought.

Trivializing Women

This was 2017. Four years later, more people are freaking out more dramatically. The purposely-engineered COVID panic/stampede/hysteria has a lot to do with it, of course. Not sayin’ the disease isn’t real. But the response to it is totally unprecedented. And is not starting to look a bit crazy.

As for trivializing women–well, thanks for that, Madison Avenue. Thanks, Hollywood.

But of course they trivialize men, too.

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  1. It really has gotten worse in the course of these four years. In rereading my comments, I can state that I see it reflected in many places. Four years ago, I mentioned how vendors I rely upon have become less reliable, and that has progressed from bad to worse. More chilling, is the fact that perpetual singleness seems to be increasingly common these days. This is not good for society, and the reproductive rate of Western Civilization has dropped to the point that we are unlikely to turn it around; not to say that the idea of doing so has gained traction.

    In the meantime, the younger generation has all but denied the existence of sexual morality. Just a couple of days ago, a friend told me about an Internet service where young women (mostly) sell access to their “fans” and basically operate as strippers while providing spicy chat with the individuals paying for their “services”. How sad.

    Amen, come quickly, Lord Jesus.

    1. It truly is. The future ramifications of such a thing are enormous. These are people that will regret doing this for the rest of their lives. This could hinder any career they choose to pursue. Imagine having this hanging over your head, knowing that videos exist of compromising acts which could resurface and disrupt one’s family. Imagine a woman that matured out of this, married and had children, knowing in the back of her mind that her children could potentially discover such materials. It’s an ugly prospect.

      The morality of the Bible protects us from much harm.

    2. You and I were born way before there was any social media to serve as a permanent storehouse of indiscretions. I don’t know how blackmailers can make a living anymore, now that anyone can do it.

  2. If women behave in “cheap” ways, what can they expect? All those women who continually accuse men of accosting them might want to look in the mirror at the cheap way they dress. They are just inviting this type of behavior. Not that men are blameless if they act inappropriately, but both are to blame.

    1. Very true. Some women seem to want to dress in such a manner as to attract a lot of attention, then complain about the attention they attract. Fortunately, there are exceptions. I really appreciate women who dress modestly. I’ve met many women who dress nicely, without being immodest and whom comport themselves with dignity and grace. That is refreshing and heartwarming. Contrast that with some of the media examples we see, of women that seek to exploit prurient interest as a way of building an audience. I can think of one particular person who has made a long career out of her image as a promiscuous person. I find this tiresome, to say the least.

  3. I went to a court case where my lawyer friend is suing our city council members for doing business behind our backs. One of the City Directors’ wife and daughter attended. Here her dad was being sued and the daughter wears faded used up jeans full of holes o court – not what I would call being respectful.

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