‘Gesu Bambino’ (Pavarotti)

The other day we got five hymns entered into our Christmas Carol Contest; yesterday and this morning, none. That’ll teach me to use ’em up all at once.

So I offer this to get the ball rolling: Gesu Bambino, sung by Luciano Pavarotti backed up by the Petits Chanteurs de Mont-Royal boys’ choir.

4 comments on “‘Gesu Bambino’ (Pavarotti)

  1. We just don’t have voices like that any more. He could sing beautifully everything from bel canto to dramatic, from Donizetti to Puccini. Now we have a few tenors who can perform one or the other creditably, but none with both the lightness and the power that Pavarotti and some of the others of his time could muster. (Can you tell I’m an opera buff?)

    Speaking of Pavarotti, can we have the clip again of him singing “Adeste Fideles” all the way through? That was gorgeous.

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