The Peep Report (She’ll Be Okay!)


We thank you, O Lord, for the mercy you show to us who call upon your name: and we thank all of you in our blog fellowship who joined your prayers to ours.

We just got a call from Dr. Lyons. Peep’s bloodwork turned out fine, couldn’t be better, no kidney problems: just an overactive thyroid. Her sister Robbie has that, too; but it fooled us because their symptoms, for the same thing, were so different.

We can handle this. We know the medication works. Robbie was a little bag of bones before the thyroid medicine kicked in. Now you’d never guess there was anything wrong, to look at her.

So yes, God hears and answers prayers–and they don’t have to be Big Important Prayers For World Peace, either.

It’s a very fine Christmas present, Father–and the one we wanted most.

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  1. Praising the Lord with you. He is so awesome. Answered prayers are one of the greatest gifts any of us could ever receive.

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