‘My Answer to a Critic’ (2013)

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Yes, it was going to be my big break: a well-known critic was going to review my book, Bell Mountain.

My Answer to a Critic

He didn’t, of course. He thought my book was full of secret Calvinist messages that would harm its readers. He took it upon himself to protect the world from… me.

You’d think you could get away from these people in a blinkin’ fantasy world.

3 comments on “‘My Answer to a Critic’ (2013)

  1. He probably needs some instruction,, but he probably wouldn’t receive it, so just pray for him and move on.

  2. That is a ridiculous charge. In my reading of Bell Mountain, I can see some very broad parallels to the Bible, but these are very broad; basically a fallen world with a future promise of redemption, and a reverence by some characters for their Creator, but that’s it.

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