Phony Kamala Hails Phony Kwanzaa

Kamala Harris Knows She's Trapped - Government Executive

This is certainly on a part with Hillary Clinton being named after Sir Edmund Hillary years before he climbed Mt. Everest.

Affirmative-action “Vice President” Kamala Harris has come up with a whopper that would insult the intelligence of a concrete garden gnome: one of her happiest childhood memories, she babbles, is of her part-Indian, part-Jamaican family celebrating “Kwanzaa,” the B.S. baloney “holiday” made up by 1960s Black Power radicals (

She says her favorite principle of Kwanzaa (oh, where is that barf bag!) is “having the power to design your own life (??) and determine your own future,” which they call “kujichagulia.” Is that the same as “pdgaa”?

This jidrool is a heartbeat away from the presidency–and it’s SloJo Biden’s heart, no less. Couldn’t we have, oh… Mickey Mouse? Minnie Mouse? One of those orange plastic cones they put out on the street? Anything but this–anything.

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  1. It really could be frightening. I am so glad my trust is in the Lord, not in woman OR man or any human.
    Psalm 62:9-10

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