So You Want A ‘Universal World Order’?

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This is Henry Kissinger’s dream (98 years old and still dreamin’)–“a universal world order.”

We have never had a universal world order, or a global government. But we’ve had plenty of the next worse thing–multinational empires, whose builders swallowed up as much of the world as they could. Romans, Assyrians, Mongols, Russians–scads of them.

They all had one thing in common: they ruled by brute force. The ruling nation governed all the subject peoples; and anyone who stepped out of line would soon be hearing from the legions. Violence was the only way to keep all these subject nations on the same page. Genghis Khan could tell you that.

For anyone to assert that now, today, a global government could rule by consent of the governed, instead of by knocking heads together, is delusional.

God defend us from this folly.

3 comments on “So You Want A ‘Universal World Order’?

  1. This is why the Dems are always screaming about Democracy. Do they really think the people will have a vote in a universal world order government? Of course not. How much say do we even have now in what our gov’t mandates? America was instituted as a Christian Constitutional Republic – read the history to prove it to yourself (David Barton is a good source for this). It was WWI and President Woodrow Wilson calling for Democracy that began the downward slide of our Christian Republic being characterized as a democracy – something our Founding Fathers vehemently opposed (read the essays in “The Federalist” by Hamilton, Madison, and Jay, Let us pray and work to restore America’s original vision, a city set on a hill.

    1. Ancient Greek historians–Plutarch and Thucydides come to mind–warned that the chief danger to any democracy was self-destruction, with government policies based on hysteria.
      Sound familiar?

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