Be Careful What You Vote For!

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Grannie Clampet–always head of the curve!

[NOTE: I would have to be on my blinkin’ death-bed to let this one go by!]

It’s taken them seven years to figure out that their state has given them a a license to loot and pillage to their hearts’ content, but California’s criminals have found their way to Beverley Hills.

In 2014 the addled California voters approved a ballot initiative allowing bad guys to steal up to $950 worth of stuff without being charged with a felony. Don’t ask me why anyone in his right mind would ever vote “yes” for this.

So finally the new non-felons are coming after sweet pickin’s in Beverley Hills, and the rich folks who live there are shocked, shocked that such a thing could ever happen! Suddenly there’s a record number of applications for permits to carry guns. Suddenly those home security systems don’t seem so secure anymore. And defunding the police now seems like a suicidally bad idea.

Blue States–you asked for it! And now you’re getting it.

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