My New Year’s Eve (Oh, Boy)

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Anything that starts off this badly has just got to get better.

My sister the health care professional decreed that I must quarantine myself: stay in the bedroom all night, all the next day, and the next–but I couldn’t stand it. I had to come down today.

New Year’s Eve, alone in bed: that was a new experience for me. As tired and dragged-out as I was, I just couldn’t fall asleep. But I have to admit I enjoyed the full-scale artillery duel that broke out at midnight–and the ensuing babel of sirens all around the neighborhood. M-80s! Ka-boom! Cherry bombs! Ka-blam! And sirens. I guess Joe College and his friends weren’t the only ones experimenting with indoor fireworks.

I didn’t bother to get up and look out the window. Too many trees obscure the view of any fireworks display–and anyway, I’m sure most of these were free-lance boom-booms. It was kind of fun just listening.

The next night was exactly the same but with no fireworks, no fun. A third night was out of the question.

Because Patty and I were both sick, we have a lost New Year’s weekend to celebrate as soon as we feel up to it. Maybe when it stops raining…

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  1. Health in 2022 for you & Patti. New Years Eve I watched NewsMax TV with coverage in NYC, Jerusalem, Miami, & Nashville plus the biggest political bloopers of 2001 (there were a bunch of them). At midnight, the street over from me was illegally shooting off fireworks that light up the sky with colors – I loved it.

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