Yes, I’m Sick

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Well, this is a bang-up way to start a new year–sick in bed.

Patty’s sick, too, but she hasn’t got what I’ve got.

Once upon a time you called the doctor and he came over and took care of you. I remember that. I swear I didn’t make it up.

It probably won’t be possible to operate this blog today. I hate to lay it all on Byron (he had a big Pick-Up Stix match scheduled) and I think Violet Crepuscular is mad at me. If I suddenly feel better this afternoon, then you’ll see some blogging. My thanks, meanwhile, to the loyal readers who show up anyway. Please feel free to go to town with your comments. Get something started while I’m helpless to prevent it.

7 comments on “Yes, I’m Sick

  1. So sorry you are sick! Be sure to get your vitamin D and C and zinc, and if you’ve got some quercetin lying about, now’s the time to use it.
    I actually got to go make a house call years ago when I was a medical student: I went with a family doctor to an Amish farm to pick up a sick child and bring him back to the hospital for treatment. It was snowing, and we stopped in the barn first where they were hand milking by kerosene lantern light. Then we went up to the house where the woodstove was burning to pick up the little boy. I felt like I had traveled back in time!

    1. I take Vitamins C and D every day, but the last supplements I took with Zinc in them led to some sorry episodes.
      Thanks for the story of your house call. You’d’ve had an easier time in our neighborhood–although I once threw Dr. Cannemela’s hat in the toilet because I was jealous of the attention he was giving for my baby brother (which, of course, was why he came there in the first place).

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