‘Away in a Manger’ (American Melody)

Away in a Manger will always be among my oldest Christmas memories. I was little more than a baby myself when I learned to sing it. And it was to this melody, the American melody–sung here by Alan Jackson–who better?

I’m not so sick that this hymn can’t move me to tears.

5 comments on “‘Away in a Manger’ (American Melody)

  1. Such a beautiful song. And Alan Jackson does it so beautifully.

    But shouldn’t you be resting? — says the woman who’s staggering around still sick herself but somehow manages to sit up at the computer.

    1. Not being able to sleep may be a sign that you’re on the mend. How is Patty doing? And what are the cats making of all this?

    2. Patty’s much better now than she was yesterday and last night.
      I had this idea that if only I could get a good 8 hours’ sleep, everything we turn out fine.

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