Sorry–Can’t Stay Up

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I was all set to help Byron the Quokka write up his TV listings today; but as you can see, first he fell asleep, then me.

I just can’t stay awake today. Maybe it’s because I hadn’t had any decent sleep since before New Year’s.

Move over, Byron! A quiet nap in the sun–Yes, I want that!

12 comments on “Sorry–Can’t Stay Up

  1. Boy, do I know the feeling. I sit to read a bit, and off to sleep I go in my chair. Man! What is going on here?
    I feel so weak and dizzy, I will be lucky to be able to fix a little dinner by 5:00 when my son gets home

  2. I hate to ask this, Lee, but … have you been to a doctor? (Yes, I know doing that is dangerous these days. But still…)

    1. How about a local Minute Clinic with a nurse practitioner? Some of those are still honest. Or maybe the America’s Frontline Doctors, who do telemed?

    2. Whatever it is we’ve got, we’ve already got it and have already begun to get better, however slowly. But we don’t want our names added to any list of Enemies Of The People who refused the Great Patriotic Jab, Comrades!

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