New York Grants Non-Citizens Voting Rights

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There is nothing Democrats will not do to acquire and keep power.

As they see various states tightening up their election laws to keep what happened in 2020 from ever happening again, Democrats think they’ve found a way to frustrate voting law reform:

Give the vote to non-citizens!

New York City has just done that: some 800,000 non-citizen voters have just been brought on board, and the city’s new Democrat mayor says “I look forward to bringing millions more into the democratic process” ( Meanwhile, the Republican National Committee has sued to protect the status of U.S. citizens as the only authorized voters.

Now, why would you want non-citizens voting? You’re either a bad person trying to undermine America, or there’s something wrong with you.

And as long as you’re getting the perks of citizenship without having to shoulder the responsibilities… why would you bother to become a citizen?

You watch: eventually Democrats will have people voting in our elections who don’t even live here.


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  1. Let me see, foreigners can now enter our country illegally and vote in our elections. What could possibly go wrong with that.

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