Who Is ‘Hungry Girl’?

They’ve got this new promo on the PA system at our local Stop & Shop: “Hi, this is So-and-So [I never catch the name], also known as Hungry Girl!”

Mmm…. I don’t know about this. Something about “Hungry Girl” evokes, for me, images of Japanese horror movies. The really scary kind, like Ringu.

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It’s like “Hungry Girl” comes crawling out of a well in search of victims. She eats their souls, or something. Is hers an unassuageable hunger?

I am told this “Hungry Girl” campaign is big, real big, on  the social media (where I’d be unlikely to notice it), and Hungry Girl coupons are good to go at Target, Walgreen’s, and elsewhere. Sounds like a prodigious hunger to me.

I hope I don’t give myself nightmares.

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