What to Write, What to Write?

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Look at this: almost 4:00, and I’m still dremmeling, just can’t get into gear.

They’re giving votes to non-citizens. They’re trying to prevent any measures to safeguard the integrity of our elections. They want to stay in power. Forever.

One gets tired of all this. One grows weary. It’s like chasing down firebugs in a deserted mansion. You put out a fire in the sun room, and they start two more somewhere else. And they’ve got their faithful little noozies running after them, sniffing their butts and barking their approval.

They really don’t like our country, not a bit, they despise us, and they want to turn the whole place inside-out, turn it into something else. Probably with a lot of gender fluidity.

There must be some way out of this, if we can only find it.

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  1. The President is in Atlanta today, I guess he’s clueless that the “Dawgs” won last night and his crowd will be even less than the usual. So it it’ll be him and Kamala.

  2. Yes, and I just read an article about the lie of 97% of scientists believing in human caused climate change. That is another puny, ridiculous myth.

  3. “Some way out of this” … that’s what I was saying (among other, less printable things) while I was trying to get my new surge strip connected this morning. (The old one kept turning itself off without notice.) Unfortunately, the plug was configured in such a way that in order to get it into the outlet, I had to move my desk a few inches and then move the bookcase next to it out from the wall an inch or so — which meant unloading all five shelves of books so I could get enough purchase on the sides to wiggle it forward. (No space between the bookcase and the wall or the desk.) In the process, I jammed a long splinter into one finger, fortunately long enough so I could pull it out with tweezers, douse it in alcohol, slap a bandaid on it, and keep working. After much squirming around under the desk and almost dislocating my hand, I got everything up and running. And then I took a nap. I’m exhausted and aching all over. But I tell myself “not a bad day’s work for an 80-year-old cripple.”

    I know this doesn’t help you decide what to write, but I had to let off steam. (Well, no, I guess I didn’t have to. But I surely wanted to a lot.) 🙂 How about an upbeat hymn such as “Onward Christian Soldiers” or “Jesus Saves” or “Woke Up This Morning with My Mind Stayed on Jesus”?

    And now I have to see what I can make for dinner that doesn’t take much effort. 🙄

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