Are We Getting Better?

Classic British Fish and Chips Recipe

We’ve been sick since New Year’s, Patty and me. Whatever it is we’ve got, one of the symptoms is a very meager appetite. I’ve been living on cans of chicken soup.

We’re running out of supplies, so I had to get to the supermarket again today.

“What about… some fish and chips?” Patty said. “I think I’d really like some fish and chips.” As opposed to pretty much nothing.

Oh! Suddenly my mouth started watering. For the first time in over a week. I searched the frozen food aisles until I found a bag of wild-caught, beer-battered cod filets. Brought them home and Patty’s eyes lit up. Was this a turning point?

I hope so. We are thankful for your prayers–and I do feel somewhat better. How wonderful it’ll be to return to normal life! How I’d love to get back to work on my book.

Please keep praying for us. It has to be doing us good.

4 comments on “Are We Getting Better?

  1. Prayer is always the best medicine. I will continue. I am feeling very rotten too. So weak and dizzy I can hardly do a thing. I did do a little Bible study, printed and am sharing with one friend so far, getting ready to do more, but I’m done for now, gotta rest before I fall over.

  2. Yay, Lee, the return of the appetite is the best sign of healing! Mazel Tov! (I’ll keep praying for continuing healing.)

    Erlene, I’m going to say extra prayers for you tonight during my night prayers, and also tomorrow morning during my morning prayers in church.

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